[MMO-Part 1 of 7] – How Nigerians Make Money Online Selling ebooks to Nigerians!


There’s SO much money to be made online in Nigeria!

That’s The Shocking Truth!

Another real SHOCKER is: Absolutely Anybody in Nigeria, living Anywhere in the world can make money online in Nigeria. I will show PROOFS of this right here in this article. You see, I carried out a TEST few weeks ago (January) where I learnt something – unique – something I wouldn’t have learnt, had I not seen it. I saw with my own eyes how the past January was my best month ever of all the Januaries I have ever had – since I  ventured into the online business scene.


Really, it IS the secret of the online marketing business!

What is that secret? I will tell you shortly.

SIDENOTE: This is just the Part 1 of 7 of my series titled The Fastest and Easiest Online Business System in Nigeria for Quick Crazy Cash(QCC)!

Remember what I said about SO much money to be made online? Here’s a true story of what happened to me a few days ago. Last week, I was browsing on facebook where I saw this advert about lovely female shoes on sale.

Incidentally, I have been thinking of buying some shoes for over 2 weeks now but I had not cleared up my schedule to go shopping myself and so seeing that advert on facebook was a just a God-send to me.

So I clicked on the advert link and it took me their website www.shoeminers.com/pumps. I checked out the shoes they had on display and finally saw two shoes I liked about N20,000+ and I then contacted them by sending an email about the shoes I wanted.

And right from my bedroom, I made an online transfer payment of N20,750 for the shoes…










And right now as I type this, I received a call from the Courier company saying my lovely shoes were already on the way to my house. Wow!










Why am I telling you this?

To show you how SO much money is exchanging hands online! There’s a flood of immense money making opportunities happening on the internet in Nigeria right under your eyes in our day and our time – More than ever before!

All you have to do is position yourself in the direction of the flow. Just for emphasis:

There is SO much money to be made online, right here in Nigeria (never forget this!) and if you have not yet started your online business, it’s about TIME you did by using one of the fastest and easiest online business models ever! (What is that business? More on that later on in this series!)

Aha! This brings me back to the test I did regarding the online marketing business which brought magical RESULTS to me and the Number 2 reason why I ever ventured into the online marketing business scene since 2008.


That magical result is known as “PASSIVE Income”!

Some people call it “residual income!”

There are actually different kinds of income you can have access to, such as Inherited income, Active income and Passive income. Inherited income is the one whereby you make money as a result of the money/investments/businesses you inherited – I’m talking about people like Prince Williams, Dangote’s son and the likes, while Active income is the one where you earn money only as long as you are working. So the minute you stop working (maybe as a result of illness, accidents or you lost your job), the money STOPS.


But Passive income ROCKS!

It’s the type where you work hard once but the money keeps on coming for years and years and years to come. Here, you only oil it once in a while or hire someone to oil it for you once in 3-6months. And if you like, you can just set up those money trees for life!

This is the kind of income I’m introducing you to in this free training series  titled The Fastest and Easiest Online Business System in Nigeria for Quick Crazy Cash(QCC)!

Passive income is the type of income you make where you can stop working but the money to your bank account CONTINUES, Day-in, Day-out!

Infact, it is such passive income that allows you to leave inherited income for your kids.


Okay, enough of the theory. Let’s get right into this.

One of the Fastest Passive Income Businesses in the world is the Online Marketing Business. I first went into the online business in 2008 when all the places I applied for a job interview didn’t call me. You see, I went to school, studied hard, got average grades and applied for a job but even after 3 years of searching, I was never opportune to secure a job.

That was how my sojourn into this online business field started and the results has been awesome. I always heard that the online business would give me passive income and I had experienced it accidentally…where for some months I did nothing online but the money still came into our bank accounts but in trickles…but this time I decided to test it in a month where the odds of people ordering our products online was greatly reduced – January. (And the results are below).

You see, I always encourage people to start and run with the online business models for so many reasons and from my experience I have seen 15 year olds, 40 years old, fifty-something years old all running successful online businesses raking in passive income. But let’s not go so far, let’s talk about …


 Real World Results #1 – N165,000

January, 2013 was the first time I ever deliberately tested the passiveness of the online business model. You know it’s the beginning of a new year and so many expenses had already gone into the Xmas spending spree for many people and so I took January off to continue my relaxation and run the passive income TEST where I did NOT do any work at all in my business BUT inspite of that, here are magical results from GTBank:


January 2nd, 2013… passive income was already flowing in. I’m very sure that if January 1st were not a public holiday money would still have flowed into our bank accounts on that day.


Real World Results #2 – N132,000

Passive income flow in January 2013 from another of our numerous bank accounts (Firstbank): Same thing happened with our Firstbank account…January 2nd, 2013…passive income was already flowing.

Real World Results #3 – N280,000

Lest I forget, did I tell you I had stopped working and did NOT promote any product in January to my list but the money kept pouring in? Here’re passive income screenshots of one of our secondary bank accounts:


In this account alone virtually every single day, money entered into it. All these were strictly ONLINE income, not a sale of a physical product where we had to meet anybody face to face.

Total PASSIVE income in Jan. 2013 from our online business = N577,000 in 30 days without working

What do all these income proofs TELL You?

1. There is so much money to be made online from the Nigerian market (so forget paypal, clickbank, paydotcom or CPA)

2. The online business will generate passive incomes for you EVERY TIME. ( I have proved it in the best and worst scenarios)

3. Anybody, anywhere can start and run a successful online business in Nigeria

4. The online business works on certain principles which WORK – Guaranteed!

5. Very few people know about these principles but if followed consistently will produce a 6-figure income for you!

6. Income made from the online business is consistent and does not stop even when you stop working

7. If I a lady can do it, YOU too can (by the way I’m around 28+years old)

8. Since the online business works just like any other business model on principles (– same strategy, same method) absolutely anybody, anywhere can apply it…even outside the country. 

Did I hear you ask “Can even Nigerians/foreigners living outside Nigeria can make Passive income online from the Nigerian market”?

I just heard someone ask that question and the answer is a resounding YES!

That is what only the online business will do for you conveniently! The internet works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and 366 days a leap year and so even Nigerians can make money from the Nigerian market while living overseas. It all depends on being able to reach enough Nigerians using the mega advantage of the internet.

Here’s are examples of other Nigerians already doing this (besides me).

Case Study #1 – Olugbenga Aijotan

Olugbenga AijotanOlugbenga Aijotan is one smart Nigerian currently living in the UK who makes money online selling to Nigerians all the way from the UK. The reason I’m telling you this is, in the last few months I’ve read emails from Nigerians in Diaspora living the US, South Africa, Cameroun, Ghana who write me asking how they can make money online and when I tell them, it sounds so unbelievable to them.

It’s true!

The internet is your leverage. Use it

Case Study #2 – Onome Maureen (me)

onome maureen making money online with websiteIn 2011 sometime around May, I had the opportunity of living at India for good 3 months because I escorted my dad to one of the best hospitals in the world for medical checkup and treatment.

Guess what!

I also made a 6-figure income from there. All I did was register for 24/7 internet access using similar modems from MTN and Glo and Voila, the money kept pouring in. The internet is your leverage. Use it!


Case Study #3 – Efe Imiren

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHmmm, this lady? Our history goes a long way. She’s a great friend and has been in the United States of America since December, 2012 as at the time of writing this and from what she told me…the passive income from the online business kept pouring in – while relaxing in the US.


Case Study #4 – Akin Alabi

Akin AlabiAt the time of writing this free training series, Akin Alabi was at Atlanta, United States of America chilling out for a week AND at the same time arranging and preparing for a 5-day seminar in Lagos. Who were his attendees? Nigerians! How did he get across to them marketing his seminar from the US? The internet!

This man frequents Overseas as if it were Eko market. How is he able to pull the resources for his numerous trips?

Passive Incomes from the internet!


 So what about You who lives in Nigeria?

Let me ask you another question:

What is your plan…for adding an extra & consistent N250,000+ monthly to what you already make in the next 12 weeks?

If you don’t have an answer to that, I can give you one.


It’s called LEVERAGE!

I would stop here for today but tomorrow, I will continue with this series and reveal exactly “How you can use LEVERAGE and Legally steal the success of Nigerian Online Business Entrepreneurs to make Passive Income for Yourself!”

It will SHOCK You! But in tomorrow’s free training, you will also discover how young guys in their twenty’s are making over N100,000 online in a short 8 days as Pure PROFITS by using the simple but powerful secret of Leverage!

If you have a question or are excited/interested about this passive income online business training, feel free to leave a comment for me in the comments box below.


See you tomorrow in the Part 2 of this series titled The Fastest and Easiest Online Business System in Nigeria for Quick Crazy Cash (QCC)!


Be Bold. Take Action!

Onome “passive income” Maureen

P.S. Watch out for tomorrow’s free training as I reveal how you can legally steal the success of the Online business Gurus to commence your Passive ATM Cash-spitting online income.

P.S.S. Over the coming seven training in this series, I’ll be showing you that making money online is NOT really hard and I’ll be open to show you exactly what the hard part is and…

how we can work together, hand-in-hand to make the hard part simple IF…you’re willing and obedient. So make sure you keep a date in your email with these trainings.


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    • There are affiliate programs you can join at clickbank.com, paydotcom.com, shareasale.com etc, but they do not accept Nigerians. The one that accepts Nigerians and even helps you set up your affiliate online business and train you on how to run it, is the “Ultimate Earn While You Learn” program. More details as you stick with this training series

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    Thanks for the great work.

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    • Every business needs some amount of money to start and run it but the difference between this one and others is, you do NOT need a lot of money, plus 90% of the work is DONE for you

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    Thanks alot. This is a new break through for Nigerians who are desperate to to make it in life like me. I graduated from a university for the past ten years ago but i have not got my dream job. I am still in the labour market searching for my dream job. I am very much ready to go into this business if trained and make it as a career as it earns us passive income.

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    lets flow.

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    pls onome can one be put through thoroughly and is it also possible to see you face to face.
    lastly, are you saying my making the money is solely dependent on my selling the product? are there actually ready buyers and how often do people buy things via the internet?
    thank you so much.

    • Don’t give up because you have bene scammed before. This is very real. I actually have a 3-day powerful seminar on the internet information business, pls check your email for details on how to attend this training

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    • Am sorry, these books will make you little or nothing because 1) You are not the publisher 2) Students don’t have money to spend or are not interested in spending their monies for such

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