Onome Maureen’s baby boy miracle – Come celebrate with me!

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Its’s been a while I posted on this blog, partly because I have over 15 websites and I use them for different purposes. I’ve been missing in action for over 6 months now online. I learnt some people even went to Nairaland to look for me:












Truth is I was missing in action for a MIRACULOUS and GOOD reason. You see my husband and I been expecting the fruit of the womb for the last 7 long years. We had done several tests, seen several doctors but said everything was fine, still NO baby :(  We had even began making plans for an expensive IVF which would cost us over N5 million at Abuja and all of a sudden God granted us a miracle bouncy baby boy without costing us a dime.

The last 9 months of his pregnancy required for me NOT to sit down for long so I just abandoned my computer and abandoned sending emails to my valued subscribers, traveled to my parents house for a long 9 months and of course…. was being taken care of by my parents and hubby.

REJOICE with me!!!

Jesus made it possible where the doctors could not explain the “unexplained infertility” as I already have a daughter who is 8 years old.

Here’s a short 3 mins video of the actual delivery process in the operation room… No! Its not graphic… Watch and keep reading to see how to claim my Miracle Baby Boy Celebration FREE Gift where you’d discover How to earn an extra N500,000 on autopilot so easy a 12 year old can do it. But first, click on the Play Button


YouTube Preview Image


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What do you think of the video? Isn’t the Lord wonderful?


Onome Maureen

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73 Responses to “Onome Maureen’s baby boy miracle – Come celebrate with me!”

  1. Big congratulations, I rejoice with you.
    God Bless you.

  2. Dear Maureen,

    Congratulation. I am very happy for you. No wonder i haven’t heard from you for a while now. God bless your home and your new born baby.


  3. Congratulation. May the Lord bless the new Baby.Cheers!

  4. Congratulation MADAM.

  5. Congrats to u. May good news never cease from your mouth.

  6. Congratulations Madam, good to know you’re back with a bang!!

  7. Aunty, I was wondering i have not received any info from you like mails,Lindaikejis ads…Thought you have left us here for naija ni……Congratulations

  8. Congrats madam. You are blessed

  9. Congrats,on your new blessing for 2017.
    He shall do exploits have a fulfilled year ahead.

  10. congrate ma’am may blessing to come your way

  11. Olajide Oluwaniyi Reply April 6, 2017 at 12:51 pm

    We bless the awesome God, there is no impossibility with Him. When all else fails, this God will not fail. He is the God that doeth wonders. Congrats on the same arrival of your baby boy.

  12. Congrats madam. God bless u and ur family.

  13. Congratulations .

  14. Congratulations God is good and great. May God guide and bless him and your family in Jesus name. AMEN

  15. God bless you and your bundle of joy. May all who desire a beautiful gift like this be blessed like you in Jesus name. Amen. So happy for you.

  16. congrats i wish your family a happy home

  17. Congratulations ma!
    Please how can u make it accessible to people that can not make it to the training place pls

  18. Madam, congratulations on the birth of your baby boy. Your testimony is a source of encouragement also. Congrats.

  19. Congratulations. God starts it’s work from where science stopped. Every experience is a gift from God.

  20. A big congrats Maureen and family! May God keep you all in good health and grant you long life. May your children grow under God’s protection and in God’s wisdom IJNA.

  21. Congratulations Maureen ! May the Good Lord Bless your precious Gift and the Family.

  22. Congratulations Onome Maureen. May you continue to win more battles in your life in Jesus Name. Amen.
    How about 4 corners, is it still working?

  23. kongratz! Onome

  24. congrats ma, am happy for you

  25. Congratulations Madam, I have been calling your line since the day you told me about residual income from my 4corners alliance.I am happy for you, all glory to God almighty that did it. I pray for you and your family that the blessings of God in your life shall be permanent.

  26. This is the Lord doing and it is marvelous in our sight. Congratulations my sister

  27. wow! madam, congratulations first for this mighty miracle God did for you and also for us too because if something had happened to you, it would have affected many of us too. So we give God thanks. I also want to thank God for you that you were going through all this and you never showed sign of being down publicly and being depressed.
    You are indeed a testimony.
    Keep being a role model for many. We appreciate you Madam. Say hello to oga.
    Once again, a big congratulation!

  28. What a touching testimony.madam,congratulations.Yours is like mine after 11years plus.God bless my wife and I with a baby boy.Our God is good.

  29. Congratulations. God bless and keep your baby. I ask for more strength to raise your baby

  30. A BIG Congrats. I am happy for you. God bless your family and the new baby

  31. Congratulation, the last time I heard from you was on MENET Rice Investment that we could not get returns.

  32. Congrats onome, may God continue to bless you, keep and protect you and your baby, I rejoice with with you.

  33. Onome,
    I thank God for you. To Him we give all the glory.

  34. My mentor, Congratulations on your new baby boy to this planet earth.
    God will bless your family and the new baby IJN.

  35. Congratulations madam . I rejoice with you and your husband . You will give birth to many more babies in Jesus Name , Amem .

  36. Ma. congratulations.God who has done this be praised forever and He also will supply the wisdom to bring up the child in the way of the Lord. God bless you and the family

  37. congratulations onome, JESU KOBI RUO. you & your baby & family is bless.

  38. congratulation

  39. Congratulations Maureen, well done. May the young lad be a blessing to you and his generation.
    Stay blessed.

  40. Congratulation,there is no impossibility in God and his doings is marvelous in our eyes.May his name be praise forever,in Jesus name Amen.

  41. congratulations, waoh only God can do this

  42. Congrats madam, I rejoice with you on your bountiful blessing. It can only be God.

  43. congratulations

  44. Let Somebody Shout Halleluyah!!! You Shall Be More Fruitful In Jesus Name.

  45. l want to be getting update

  46. Congratulations!
    Its so awesome.

  47. Congratulations

  48. Congratulations to you may d good lord continue to be with and that child be a light to your home. Which you Lots of happiness and peace

  49. wow!
    A big congratulations to mum and welcome to Naija.

  50. Congratulations, am happy for you.

  51. congrats
    wishing u more joy and peace of mind.

  52. congratulations Mrs onome . may God is his infinite mercy bless you and your family and especial your new born baby. I was wondering where the internet marketing Queen has gone to. i was happy when I saw your email in my inbox. Once again congratulations on your new born baby. Hope the oil and gas is still working bcos I want to get involve.

  53. Abdullahi mikailu Reply April 6, 2017 at 7:19 pm

    Congratulation,may the lord give him long nd eternal life.thank u

  54. Congratulations onome Maureen,,, beginning of Gods blessings

  55. A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to you and your family. God who granted this special gift to you will provide you with all the things needed to be a great mother. I tap into this special blessing too

  56. Congrats. Good to hear from you again

  57. Celabrating ur miracle Baby wit u…

  58. Big congrats to you ma we missed you.

  59. Congratulation Ma, am very happy for you. May God’s goodness and mery never depart from you and your family because of your good works in Jesus name

  60. Oluyomi Oluwaseun Reply April 6, 2017 at 8:58 pm

    Congratulations ma

  61. HALLELUJAHAAAAAAAAAA! My heart trills with unspeakable joy to hear this pleasant news, MAUREEN, this is a proof that any one who waits on the lord
    is never put to shame, psalms 25: vss 1-5. may God in his infinite grace
    make this a foundation of the good things to happen in your life.
    my great regards to your precious family.

  62. Great News! Thanks be to God Almighty!!!
    Honestly speaking, I had wondered many times “Where has this Onome lady gone to; abi she is running away after cashing her big bonus from MMM?” Little did I realize that you were on a more gracious “Programme” than any you have advertised so far…and it was so SUCCESSFUL!
    We give God the Glory for His Kind Mercies.
    But, don’t just save that =N=5m you planned to spend on the IVF, make sure you give a good part of it to His Work.

  63. A big congratulation to you dear Onome–May God bless, keep and Preserve the baby. Am so happy for you and i rejoice with you greatly. God your home.

  64. Our God is awesome, He makes everything beautiful in His time. Congratulations Mrs Maureen, God bless you and your family.

  65. Congratulation beloved Onome, I pray that God grant the baby strength,wisdom, favour,might and long life in Jesus Name.

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