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Dear Friend & Subscriber,

I'm about to tell you a true story (names withheld for privacy). If you believe me, you will be well rewarded. If you don't believe me, I will make it worth your while to change your mind. Let me explain.


Yinka is friend of mine who has a
4 year old son and he's been trying to teach his child how to ride a bicycle for weeks now. But each time his son goes out for practice he comes back even more dejected than the previous time, wanting to give up riding forever - and with even more bruises!


Yinka is experienced at bike riding and so tells his 4 year old to just get on the bicycle, keep his balance, pedal, brake, and that is it = More bruises and Burning out motivation for his son!


But then...meet another friend "Peju".


Peju also has a 4 year old son and is teaching him how to ride a bike but is DIFFERENT from Yinka!


Peju not only does the same thing Yinka does in teaching his son, he does TWO additional things:


1) He tells his son how to ride a bike and SHOWS him how to do it.

2) He then holds onto the seat of his son as he pedals along and UNTIL he's riding well


Which of the two sons do you think will EXCEL at bike riding?


I don't know about you, but I strongly believe Peju's son will do BETTER at bike riding in the SHORTEST time possible than Yinka's son even if Peju only had the time to SHOW his son how to ride just once a week than Yinka who "tells" his son every single day.


And I believe That is the Same thing You're thinking Right Now!


How Much MORE Is Peju's Strategy MORE Important in

Helping YOU Make Money Online TODAY!


What does this story have to do with you and my Birthday/Recovery Offer?


IGNORING This Message Could Result In Constantly Spinning Your Wheels In Your Internet Business...And Life!



A few weeks ago, precisely during the recent April Easter Public Holiday (April 18th, 19th and 21st 2014) I was joined by over 34 smart Nigerians in a closed door, 3-Day Internet and Information LIVE PRACTICAL Money-Making Bootcamp.


It held for 3 SOLID days where I shared and revealed the SECRETS of building a

N1 Million Naira Per Month Internet Based Business with simple information products. 


The Bootcamp was limited to 30 people and was completely Sold-Out but we had to squeeze in 5 more people who pleaded to attend. I restricted it to 30-people because I wanted a

hands-on, practical session with a personal touch with each participant.

And that is what we had. You can see full details of every single detail of the bootcamp here!


It was an unconventional beginning to an unconventional event with SIX sessions with each session being 2 hours 30 minutes for a total of 15 hours of action-packed, money-making LIVE practical training.  


It was attended by over 34 smart Nigerians from all over the country. Participants came all the way from Yola, Abuja , Port Harcourt, Awka, Benin city, Lekki, Ikorodu, Ibadan etc who are now on their way to banking a 6-figure income within their first 90 days of starting their online business working from the comforts of home!


One thing participants kept mentioning over and over and over again about the 3-day event was the LIVE PRACTICAL aspect of the bootcamp. I made sure to dish out the strategies and SHOW the steps anybody, anywhere can start from the scratch using a start up capital of N50,000 to bank his or her First N450,000 online. 



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As you can see, here is a picture of me solving a participants internet business software installation problem, as other participants *themselves* began to install the softwares that will help them work once a week, automate their online business so they enjoy the rest of the week while the money keeps flowing to their bank accounts like hurricane Katrina***


Did you notice the Camera man in the picture above?


Well, due to popular request from people who desired to attend the IM Bootcmap but could not due to their Easter engagements, I had to get the services of the camera team owned by Success Digest Extra newspaper (SADC) to video the entire event!


At the moment, we have over 39 people who already ordered for the 6-Set DVD Videos, who in addition are getting the DVD Video recording of the 2013 Edition of the same seminar as a BONUS.

In What I Call...

The "Information and Internet Marketing LIVE

3- Day Bootcamp Home Study Course"

A Comprehensive 3 Days Event Like No Other!


You Will Have All These On A 6-Set Video DVDs!


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It contains the Video recording of EVERYTHING (the secrets, tips, techniques and systems) I shared on *How to Build a N1 Million Naira Per Month Internet Based Business with simple information products from the scratch starting with N50,000 seed capital*

*Did you just say with N50,000 capital?* I can hear someone ask. Yes! 

I show you exactly what to do, the strategies I personally took scale up my internet income from N50,000 seed capital to profits of N100,000 monthly, to N150,000 per month to N250,000 per month, to N550,000 per month until you build it to N1 Million Naira per month. 

Making at least N500,000 per month is NOT accidental or luck. There are definite steps you need to take and I revealed all at the 3-day seminar and in the Video DVDs.  

The LIVE seminar was mind-blowing to say the least.


This Home Study IM DVDs is FOR YOU if you are TIRED of being "told" how to make your business work online but NOT being SHOWN how to make it work, worse still especially if you are being told by *Wannabe Gurus*.


It is also FOR YOU if you are an Internet newbie but Very, VERY serious about building a profitable business online. This is a golden opportunity to be SHOWN a true shortcut and roadmap from someone who actually walks the talk.


These Leading Internet Millionaire Experts Have Endorsed Our Training


Here's Exactly What They Said About the 2014 Bootcamp!


Here Are More Success Stories Of My

Current Students "Already" Making Money Online




What My Students Say!



"I made my first N271,188 on the internet, thanks to your coaching.


I couldn't believe it! It really strengthened me to know that the future is bright after your training."


Adekunle Kazeem,Ile-Ife,










What My Students Say!



"Hello my mentor and Coach, when I first saw this online business program, I thought you will be like other Nigerian internet marketer that will only give you much e-book to read without results.

But with you, the case is different. I made my first N98,500 online through this program.

Now I believe the jinx has been broken.

I can't thank you enough ma. God bless..."

Omotayo Adegbuyi
Ota, Ogun State



What My Students Say!



"Madam, I have never seen you physically before but I have proven you are completely honest. I always had the fear of being duped online knowing that nothing good comes so

Now I know better. You have cleared all my doubts because it is not easy find a trust worthy fellow again nowadays.

So I registered to prove you wrong like others.
And so when i made my first income i couldn't believe myself. I was so happy. When I received the bank alert, the email alert
of my comissions sent to my bank account
, I knew of a truth I can do this online business and succeed. God bless you ma for being faithful to your words"


Ndifreke Edet



What My Students Say!



"Before I met Maureen, I didn't really know were to start from. As a student, i had money problems.


I didn't want to depend on my parents for my daily expenses and so I continually searched for the easiest and fastest business to do online which will not disturb my studies.

So far I have made almost N100,000 from my online business. WOW! Maureen made my dream come true.

Apart from the website and blog, the training I've received from her are just superb because not all coach do this and still give extra life training following up to his/her subscriber
....so I feel good about your training keep it up ma."

Samuel Henry
University of Ibadan




Here's Exactly What They Said About How I Help Them Make An Extra Income!


Why I Can NEVER Quit The Internet Business for a White Collar Job + How

I Made N362,500 in 5 Working Days From

The Hospital Bed Just A Few Days Ago

May 12th - May 19th 2014


Here's LIVE Proof As I Log Into My GTbank

Online Account


Like you may have heard, my darling daughter was admitted at the hospital for a whole ONE month - the month of May...my Birthday month but Thank Jesus, she's improving everyday miraculously...BUT...that did NOT stop my internet business from pumping in cash into my bank account!

When my daughter's crisis was finally being resolved by the power of God, I sent my list just 3 emails and made a whooping N362,500 in 5 days...

I Am NOT Telling You This to brag but to Show you that YOU Too Can Do

This In Your Internet Business IF...You Get Trained Correctly...


More on that later...you just check out this argument for and against...

White Collar Jobs Vs The Internet Business...


Right now, I am going to share with you WHY I am involved with the Internet Business, and WHY I consider it one of the IDEAL businesses anybody (male or female), living anywhere in this world who has access to the internet...


...SHOULD be involved with and how you can get started with my 6-set DVD Video Internet and Information Business Training at a HUGE Thank-God-For-Divine-Health DISCOUNT...where you'll discover How To Create a N450,000 Per Month (And even More) Internet Business working From Home...Guaranteed!!!


First of all, "What is a White Collar Job?"

A white collar job is one in which workers normally put on a "shirt and tie" earning average - moderate salaries working from 8am  - 6pm! Nowadays, its very, very, very difficult to even find such white collar jobs that pay average salaries because of the recession and just think...

If you had to miss work for a few weeks ...(like I missed work for 30 days) what would have happened to your job? You would have been SACKED!!!)

In appreciation to God for my daughter's divine healing and health, I'm giving back to anyone who desires a second income in 6-Figures in a special THANK GOD Discount!

Just Imagine if it Doesn't Matter where you are at the moment, what you're doing but YOU are still making HUGH Incomes...6 Figure Incomes...



For me, it doesn't matter if am sleeping, praying, flying, at the hospital....money keeps coming into my bank account all because of the internet...





Using My  6-Set DVD Video Internet and Information Business Training at this HUGE Thank-God-For-Divine-Health DISCOUNT...where you'll discover...


How To Create a N450,000 Per Month (And even More) Internet Business working From Home...Guaranteed!!!


What does an IDEAL Digital Internet Business

Look Like and Why Should You Get Started with Yours TODAY?


1. Work Anywhere...

2. Residual Income...

3. Low start up costs...

4. Capable of making a Million Naira Per month...

5. No Commuting to work...

6. You become Financial Independent...

7. 500% Profit is Possible...

8. Can Travel at Will...

9. Work Your own hours...

10. Not tied to one geographic location...

11. No overheads/ stock...

12. Legitimate...

13. Can be done without a Certificate...

14. Have access to a Mentor...

15. And much more...



Would You Like To "Copy" My Blueprint, Have Me Personally Train You On How To Be Making N450,000 Monthly From Home

And How To Scale It Up To

N1 Million Naira (And Even More) In

Your Own Internet Business?


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Here's How To Keep Your Money From Being Murdered

If you've been lucky enough to have heard that its possible to make a steady, MONTHLY N250,000 - N450,000 using the internet from home but you currently make less than that or ZERO, then your money is being MURDERED!


My guess is, in your quest to make an extra income online you have spent and wasted not just your time, but also your money!



Your time is being MURDERED!
Your money is being MURDERED!

Your motivation and zeal to be financially independent is being MURDERED!


But if like Peju's son you SERIOUSLY desire to be "SHOWN Practically" on what and how to make a consistent N250,000 - N450,000 (and even more)...


...then, then CONGRATULATIONS because you can now grab my 6-Set DVD Home Study VIDEOS Course at my Incredible Birthday + Thank-God-For-Divine-Health DISCOUNT and get access to my SEVEN BONUSES between TODAY and the Next 5 working days at the Lowest Price Ever because I celebrated my Birthday recently...


And due to Popular Requests on the best Birthday Gift to Friends and Subscribers such as below... 



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Here's Just SOME OF What You'll Discover In The
N450,000 Per Month Internet Entrepreneurs Seminar:

The "Information and Internet Marketing LIVE 3- Day

Bootcamp Home Study Course" is made up of

NINE (9) Modules and you can see them below:

Here is a small sample of what is covered in the various Modules:


Click Here To Download a Preview of the Bootcamp Slides

and LIVE Practical Modules

- 10 mental and emotional positions that enable and empower your subconscious to most readily attract wealth on the internet (they don't teach you this in school...and you more than likely didn't get this from your parents!)

- 6 types of "internet wealth killers" you have to stay away from if you want to have ANY hopes of making at least N450,000 monthly online

- The secret 8-step formula that will automatically create a N450,000 Per Month Info-Business for yourself (this will straighten out your thinking faster than you
've ever thought possible!)

- The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Do this Info-Business. Understanding the secret that makes money move TO YOU...and nope is has NOTHING to do with skill or talent (there are many talented people out there who are poor!)

- 6 Reasons Why People Fail in this Business, 9 Tools You Need for The Info-Business, Total Start Up Costs and Breakdown

- Stupidly Simple 5-Step Process For Building a N1 Millionaire Information and Internet Business

- The 8 Sure Steps To Making 450,000 Per Month Info-Business!


Click Here NOW To Grab This THANK God + Birthday

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- How to Find a HOT Niche Market and the 5 Rules Every Niche Market Must Pass BEFORE You Enter It. (this is soooo important!)

- 4 Fast Techniques To Discover Hot Niche Markets To Know What People Desperately Want or Problems They Want to Solve

- The BIGGEST 3 Niche Markets and my SECRET List of the Top 23 Big Niche Markets

- PRACTICAL Case Study - The 12 MOST Important Questions to answer BEFORE Writing a Single FREE report

- The Top 4 Unknown Methods to Research/Find Hot products that will solve their problems/frustrations. (just one of these could be HUGE for you!)

- The 5 Tools You need to Have BEFORE you Tell them You
've got the  Answers and Solutions they looking for

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- Six Components of a Squeeze Page

- LIVE Practical Demonstration on How to Create and Upload Of A Squeeze, Thank you & Download pages to the Internet (Watch over my shoulders at home as we upload these mini-websites to the internet in 5 minutes)


- Installation of the ebook Creation Software that creates an ebook for you which PREVENTS copying or theft + How to create a cash-sucking ebook at the click of a button!

- LIVE Practical Demonstration on How to Upload created 'ebook product'' to your hosting account. (Watch over my shoulders at home as we upload these mini-websites to the internet in 5 minutes)

- The Simplest Methods of Using Getresponse to Build a List

- 2 Best Online Traffic/Advertising Methods and the 5 Tools needed to use each method.


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- LIVE Practical Demonstration on How to create a Facebook Page and a Facebook PAID Advert that Builds a List of 10,000 subscribers in a few weeks!

- My cheapest source for getting Money-making Banners to place on your websites and blogs designed for you

- My secret 2-Minutes FREE method to get Images for your Blog, Website and Adverts

- How to use the A.I.D.A Principle to Create Dirt-cheap Facebook Adverts

- How to Use Blogs to Become the AUTHORITY in your Niche market to Bank RIVER-Load of Cash online

- How to Use Blogs to to Become Famous In YOUR Market to attract the

BIG-SPENDERS in your niche market

- The Difference between a Blog and Website + the BEST of the two to use for your internet business and WHY (soooo important)


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DISCOUNT Offer Before It Expires In the Next 5 Working Days



- LIVE Practical Demonstration on How to Design a Blog in 10 minutes
- LIVE Practical Demonstration on how to place an autoresponder form on blog


- Why you need to use a SPECIAL gmail.com address to deliver the product having download link instead of the other email accounts.

- How to get AWESOME Testimonials for your product BEFORE you even write your salesletter

- The 30-minute Easiest Way to get attention-grabbing, subscribers-rushing-to-buy-your-ebooks Follow Up emails for your newsletters

- The 4 Important 3 Banking Alerts you need to setup or you FAIL in this business

- How to ensure you have LITTLE or NO refunds in your internet business and what to do when you have them. (this will prevent people from sucking the life out of you without you knowing it!)


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DISCOUNT Offer Before It Expires In the Next 5 Working Days

- REVEALED: My Untold Steps to re-engineer and Setup Your Sales Machine to Bank N450,000 Monthly!


- My EXACT Sales machine method to make your FIRST N50,000 online! If you base everything you do on this SALES MACHINE your chances of skyrocketing your profits will go through the roof!

- The EXACT Strategy to SCALE it up to N175,000 per month...Guaranteed!
- The EXACT Strategy to SCALE it up to N270,000 per month...Guaranteed!

- The EXACT Strategy to SCALE it up to N450,000 per month...Guaranteed!
- The EXACT Strategy to SCALE it up to N1 Million per month

- Anatomy of a Cash Sucking Sales Letter and WHY it is the 4th Most important Step to Success in YOUR Information Internet Business!

- The Top 7 Purposes Of A Million Naira Producing Sales Letter
- 7 Typical Buyer
's Resistances the Sales Letter you write MUST Overcome

- The 6 Simple Tips To Writing a Million Naira Producing Salesletter using my SECRET 12-Question Customer Profile Template

- Examples of Hidden Onome Maureen
's Sales Letters
- Examples of The Best International Sales Letters in Different Niche markets


- ...and a whole LOT more!


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Plus You Get the Following SEVEN Expired BONUSES


What do I mean by expired bonuses?


At the time of preparing for the seminar, there were some AMAZING Bonuses only available to the first 20 people who registered early to attend the seminar in March which expired on March 31st, but these BONUSES ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR YOU with my Birthday Offer... Such as...




2013 EDITION 2-Set DVD Videos Of The "Information and Internet Marketing LIVE 2- Day Bootcamp Home Study Course!"

VALUE: N100,000

Last Year 2013, For The First Time Ever In 5 Years I Had A Super Internet Business Bootcamp!

You see, I'm naturally a reserved person and this has been the reason why since 2008 when I began my internet business I NEVER had a group coaching until August last year. And we had over 35 people participate in it.

For those 2 solid days, I dished out ALL my secrets of building a Multi-Millionaire internet business empire, working from home without a single staff.

I then went a step further by Video Recording the 2-Day Event using one of the Best Video Camera Equipments used by Dr. Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase team - Publisher Success Digest Extra newspaper.

But why I'm I telling you this?

I will hand you a FREE Copy of that 2013 2-DVD Video recording of my previous 2-Day event as a Thank You BONUS for getting my Special Thank-God + Birthday Offer!


This BONUS Alone is worth the Price of the ENTIRE 2014 Edition Bootcamp!




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6-Week Personal Email Coaching!

VALUE: N150,000


I'd Like To Personally Spend The Next 6 Weeks
Teaching You How To Make Money In Addition To The

6-Set DVD Videos!

You may or may not realize it, but that's an amazing luxury to possess ... having someone personally show you how to accomplish your dreams. I didn't have that luxury when I got started.

No one showed me the ropes. I didn't go to any university and get instruction from professors. There were no mentors or supervisors to tell me what to do or review my work. I had zero advantages, and absolutely no clue what I was doing. It was 100% trial and error, with lots of errors!

It was only by the grace of God that I was able to "figure it out" and make a success in this business.

You've Got an Advantage!

You don't need to figure it out on your own through trial and error, fingers crossed, hoping for the best. Nor do you need to keep on getting stuck when you have a question!

I will personally mentor you for the next 6-weeks "actively" and for LIFETIME on your internet and information business!






Personal "2nd Opinion" Business Critique Certificate! VALUE: N200,000


Here's what my personal "2nd Opinion" business critique means. After you start your business, I will take a look at your business and advise you on what to add and remove. I will do this until you start profiting.


You can send me any advert, salesletter, follow up email series for your internet business to me for my personal feedback by email.


And staff does NOT do this; you get advice from me on what you've done well, what you haven't, and how to improve it. (By the way, a warning: I'm rather blunt. I may hurt your feelings. But I WILL improve what you're doing!)


As an internet business consultant, I frequently provide this 2nd Opinion to some offline businesses and charge as high as N200,000 to do this for them. This is a special BONUS for you and is included for you at no added charge!


It WILL be worth a whole lot more to you!



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Access To All My Choice Internet Marketing Products! VALUE: N250,000


I sell lots of Internet marketing products online.


Products that teach various topics from Website design to List building to Blogging.


If you are to buy them individually, their value is worth N250,000 but you get them FREE when you order your copy of my Birthday Special Offer on the 2014 Internet Business Home Study Course between TODAY and Friday, June 13th 2014!


See some of those products out of many more ...


Bonus Product #1


The Hobby Income Formula System


How To Create Wealth Out Of Thin Air, Using Your Hobbies, Expertise, Ideas and Experiences!



Click Here

(Opens in a new window)





Bonus Product #2


Stunning Mini-Site Design Tutorial Videos


New Set Of Step By Step Videos Show You How To Design Stunning MiniSites That Wow Your Prospects And Sell Your Products!


Click Here

(Opens in a new window)


Bonus Product #3


Blogging Cash System


"Discover The Highly Profitable Secret System a Young Female Nigerian Uses For Generating a Full-Time Six Figure Income From

Click Here

(Opens in a new window)





Click Here NOW To Grab The Birthday Offer Before It Expires!





You Become My Joint Venture Partner!

I will make you my internet business PARTNER to SIX of my products. That means that any money we make on it, we share it 55-45.

If I make N1.1 Million Naira from it, that means YOU pocket N500,000.

It WILL be worth a whole lot more to you!






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My Information and Internet Marketing Rolodex!

VALUE: N75,000

Over time, I have bought many Internet marketing ebooks and softwares that have helped me build my business to this level. I am going to compile them and put on a blockbuster DVD Rom for you.

Learning from and swiping these materials alone can make you rich!




Click Here NOW To Grab The Birthday Offer Before It Expires!




FIVE (5) Brand New, Smoking HOT Information Products Business In A Box Packages!

VALUE: N150,000


THAT'S RIGHT!! You are going to get Not 1 Or 2, But 5 (Yes, Five) Profit-Pulling Business In A Box Packages, And Make Handsome Profits Selling These Products As Your Own without writing a single word!


I'm going to personally give you EVERYTHING you need to start a VERY Successful Information Online Business in Nigeria!


You're going to have the opportunity to put into practice virtually...


...EVERYTHING you will learn in the Super Internet Business Home Study Course... without writing a single word. You get 5 products to sell between N1,500 - N2,500


Let us say you sell just 50 copies of the N2,500

= You make N125,000 monthly!


For each of the FIVE(5) products you get, You Will Receive:

  • Five HOT professionally designed optin websites just for you

  • Five HOT-selling sales letter websites

  • 5 follow up emails you plug n play into your autoresponder

  • 5-7 articles you can post on your blog or facebook for mega sales

  • 5 different products to sell and make CRAZY amounts of cash from

  • 5 powerful free reports to build your highly responsive list

  • Beautiful banners you can place on your blog and on facebook

  • Affiliate emails for OTHERS to sell your products for you

  • And much more!


You Are Going To Get ALL of These

Click Here to See ALL The FIVE Hot-Selling Products You Get in this Outrageous Bribe

(Opens in a new window)


What you are about to discover in Your FIVE Super-Bonus Packages is what has taken me over 3 years to completely master after making a lot of terrible mistakes along the way.


You Will NEVER Have To Make These Mistakes, Because After This Bootcamp You Will Hit The Ground Running...




There is a condition to meet to get ALL of these Awesome Bonuses...





You Order This Special Thank-God-Birthday Offer From TODAY - The NEXT 5 Working Days


It Expires At Midnight On Day 5

The Clock Is Ticking:


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So How Much Is It Worth To You To Remove YEARS
Of Your Money Worries, Wasting Time And Pain To FINALLY Attract A Six-Figure Income/Month Effortlessly?

The right question should be: What Would You Do With An Extra N250,000...Even N450,000 Per Month? Frankly, I should demand at least N50,000 for this Home Study Course...

Some attendees even paid N35,000 to be at this 3-Day bootcamp and that's what I currently sell it at my other website here. In addition they spent over N20,000 for hotel bills for the 4 days of the bootcamp, two participants had to travel by air from Abuja to Lagos (at least N60,000 spent on travelling), not counting the travel risk by air or road...the days spent away from family during the Easter Public holiday...

At a total, some attendees spent over N120,000 just to be present at the 3-Day Bootcamp


You would not spend N120,000 to get this SAME course! And you get to have the SAME experience of the Bootcamp right from the comforts of your home!

You have me in your living room teaching you LIVE, PRACTICALLY  every tiny detail (demonstrations, discussions, teaching, group work etc) of the bootcamp because they were captured on Video!

NO! You would NOT spend even N80,000...

NOT even N50,000...

And NOT the N35,000 some attendees actually paid...

In order to ensure that as many serious-minded people get access to this NEVER-To-Be-Repeated In the Next 2 Years Powerful training and on account of my recently celebrated Birthday (May 4th) I HAVE decided to give you a RARE Special Birthday Lowest Price....

So when you take action right now between TODAY and the NEXT 5 Working Days, you'll be able to claim your copy of my 6-Set DVDs "Information and Internet Marketing LIVE 3- Day Bootcamp Home Study Course"...

All For JUST
N25,900 TODAY!

The Information and Internet Marketing LIVE
3- Day Bootcamp Home Study Course

Your Investment

First 5 Working Days


The Next 5 Working Days




back to its ORIGINAL Price

Back to




Click Here NOW To Get Order and Bank Details!


This Offer CLOSES Finally At Midnight on Day 5
From The 6th day - Day 10, it increases to N30,900

And After That It Increases Back To Its Original N35,000!


If You Cannot Afford This Course, Then You
Definitely NEED It!  Desperately!   Urgently!

If the investment of N25,900 (Today - The NEXT 5 Working Days ONLY) seems a little ''too much'' for you, I'd like to reveal a TRUTH to You:

There's nothing the truly successful-minded cannot afford.  If the price is going to present a hardship for you, then that's more evidence you NEED this course.

It indicates there could be a belief or attitude that's been holding you back from getting more wealth in your life.  

And this Low Price of N25,900 is a ''One-Time Offer ONLY'' event that will NEVER be repeated, so if you have to borrow the small fee of N25,900 to get this course, then DO IT. I revealed my very best in this course and I will NOT have another bootcamp for the next 2 years at least...

Am going to have and nurse my baby boy within that time! So go ahead TODAY and grab this opportunity and if you still doubt this course...then you're perfectly sane...and normal...That's why I made this a Risk-FREE investment for you by bearing all the risk and CONFIDENTLY say...




I GUARANTEE You'll Get Your Investment Back
And More Within 365 Days Of Your Purchase!



When I first advertised this 3-Day bootcamp few months ago, I gave each attendee a "Money Back Guarantee" that stated ''Attend my Internet and Information Online Business Workshop and if you are not 150% satisfied with what I'm teaching you… 



If you don't believe you can get 10, 20 even 50 times your investment back (or more) in almost effortless earnings***If the information is not dead-simple and If you don't think this is the BIGGEST bargain in money making... 



Just let me know at the end of Day 1 and I will refund the money you paid and offer my unreserved apology for wasting your time. Not only that, I will ask you to KEEP the Bonuses for wasting your time.'' 



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Can You Guess the Average Amount These Graduates

Spent to Get That Degree?

Or what about the various professional courses that people pay as high as N65,000 - N300,000 to enroll for but are never taught anything about making money for themselves like some of the ones below:



I am just making these references so that you can have a good idea of what you are getting here. You are getting an Advanced and Proven Course that will show you how you can make good money yourself online without any employee or some huge capital.


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Normal Price N35,000

  • Onome Maureen's entire 15-hour PRACTICAL training - professionally produced and edited on SIX 6-Set Video DVDs.  Here is where you'll see Maureen reveal her secrets on ''How to Build a N1 Million Naira Per Month Internet Based Business with simple information products from the scratch starting with N50,000 seed capital''

  • You will get access to all the 9 Modules of the "Information and Internet Marketing LIVE      3- Day Bootcamp Home Study Course''. This course is going to be delivered via VIDEOS, Pdfs, Audios, Picture Tutorials, LIVE Demonstrations and much more.

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Such situation, can make a man/woman helpless. It can cause DEPRESSION.


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Yes, the Bible was right that
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Someone famous said "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result".

Are you satisfied with you
're the income results you achieved so far this year? If you're not, why don't you try something different? It is about how you can bullet proof yourself from the harsh economic climate in Nigeria...

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Your Friend,
Onome Maureen

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SMS - 24 hours


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