From: Onome Maureen



Dear Friend,


You are in a tough spot:

I know because I have been there before.


After all, how thrilling will it be to see:


Your own stunningly, attractive website that make visitors stay for long on it to actually read the offers you put on it...


Being able to convert such visitors to rabid buyers of your products or services


Your well packaged, professional website that makes people believe you're a real business man or woman



But you are not sure how to pull this off.


You know there must be secrets to designing such powerfully, attractive mini sites used by Nigeria's Top Internet marketers such as Toyin Omotoso, Joe Okoro, Efe Imiren, Gbenga Aijotan that makes you ask..."How are they able to design those beautiful websites?"



Let's Face It!

A CRAPPY-Looking Website Results

In CRAPPY Sales!

Think about it.

Let's say you want to buy a product online and you land on 2 different websites selling the same product.

One is well designed (like this page you are on right now) while the other one looks like absolute CRAP (like the ones you see around that are badly designed)

Which one will you buy from?

I don't know about you, but I know I will buy from the website which is well designed even if the price were slightly higher because... I believe the owner of the website TRULY knows what he is talking about.


And I believe that is the same way for you as well and the

SAME WAY for The Millions of Nigerians browsing

numerous websites right now!


A Professionally Designed Mini Web Site Will...

  • Drive repeat traffic or website visitors to your web site

  • Increase your web sites popularity, which will provide you with additional links pointing to your site

  • Increase your Search Engine ranking and bring additional traffic to your site

  • Increase the perceived value of your products and services

  • Increase your sales

  • Increase your bank account


PAINFULLY, It Costs A "Fortune"

Asking Someone Else To Design A Mini Site For You Which You Can Do Yourself...In Minutes...


How do I know?


6 Years ago in 2008 when I started my internet marketing business, it cost me a whooping =N=65,000 to have a 2-page mini site
I  personally own a Website Design and Hosting Company at
We design SINGLE mini salespage just like this very mini site currently at =N=150,000 flat!
The other web design programs like Joomla, Dreamweaver etc will require Lots of time to learn and are very confusing


"Must I Learn How To Design A Mini Site Now?"

Let The Richest Man in World Answer You!




Bill Gates the World's current RICHEST man in world said "If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business"


If the world's richest man can forecast this, then it means he is RIGHT. He couldn't hold the position as the world's richest man according to Forbe's Billionaires list for 15 years!


What this means is...


In this jet age, a website is now compulsory for every offline business and this is how you can take advantage of it:


  • You can now design your own Profit-pulling mini web sites

  • You charge other offline business hundreds of thousands of Naira to design their own websites.

  • Which translates to increase your sales of your products and services

  • Exponential Increase in your bank account


By simply learning how to design an attractive, professiona-looking mini web site, You WILL significantly increase your traffic, your product's perceived value, your sales and your bank account, guaranteed.

Imagine how many businesses, organizations, and individuals will need Your Services!

Imagine how many online businesses you can create for yourself to make you money on auto-pilot every single month of the year.

Take note that most times when you execute web design projects for some  organizations, they will retain you for the monthly maintenance and updates with a steady monthly maintenance fee!

This can literally translate to hundreds of thousands in cash value monthly with a steady work projects.

Your Success Depends on Your Web Site...

Your web site is your storefront and can mean the difference between your success and failure.

"Me..? A Master Mini Site Designer

You Are Kidding, Right?"

You are right to ask: Is this even for real?

If I was not eye witness to how far some of my internet business friends have come in such a short time, I would not believe it either. In other words, I know how you feel.

Just do not let your natural skepticism stand between you and this great opportunity you can start cashing in immediately as revealed by the world's richest man because...

Personally, as a female I have been using Microsoft Frontpage to design all my mini sites (including this one) since 2009 and I'm sure you agree with me that this design is pretty cool.



Isn't it?

Let Me Show You Some of My Previous
Designs I Have Done For Myself And Clients

 Using Good Old MS Frontpage


 Design For an Affiliate Business Site


 Design For My 2011 Birthday Offer Site


 Design For This Mini-Website Design Offer



 Design For A Real Estate Site




As you can see, designing stunning, attractive mini sites for youself and others to wow your prospects and sell your products and services...


"Is As Easy As 1-2-3 Yet They
Do not Teach It In School"


Consider how critical a powerful mini-site is to an online business person and to ANY business. Frankly, its a SIN if you don't have the essential mini site design skills.


That is why...


"For The First Time Ever, I Have Put Together A

Step-By-Step VIDEO Course That Shows You How To Design Your Own Attractive Mini-Sites Using The Simplest Web Design Software Ever Known

Called Microsoft Frontpage!"


Designing a Mini-site is So SIMPLE that I have been using it since 2009 to Bank Millions of Naira Online from simple 2-paged minisites! Here are some Proofs of This:







Year 2010 Income Proofs


Click Here to see when I was making just N60,000 - N100,000 per Month From Simple Minisites!


(Opens in a new window)



Year 2011 Income Proofs


Click Here to see when I grew to making A consistent N250,000 Monthly From Simple Minisites!


(Opens in a new window)





Year 2012 Income Proofs


Click Here to see I grew to making N600,000 in ONLY 21 Days From ONE Minisite!


(Opens in a new window)





Year 2013 Income Proofs


Click Here to see I gave =N=1 Million Naira to God in my church From My Simple Minisites Internet Business!


(Opens in a new window)



Here Is A Taste Of What Are Are Covered
In These Minisite Video Tutorials



Here Is How It Works:


When you Order for Your Copy of these MiniSite Design Videos...


You'll open the Read Me First file where you'll see exactly where to get the Microsoft Frontpage software for only N200

Then you'll see Video #1, open it and you will see exactly how to prepare all your website files on your computer so that everything will be organized right from the beginning!


In the other Videos, you will discover...

How to create a 3-paged Minisite from the scratch - and how to add more pages in seconds

How to Edit the page title, description of your First minisite. 

How to Save your Minisite just in case you need a break or have to stop to do something else

Introduction to Tables (creating and working with tables, cell padding, width, cell spacing, changing the background colour, rows, columns and borders) - This is one of the main areas where amateurs make stupid mistakes.

How to work with Images, such as How to add your Header images so your minisite now only looks professional, but stunningly attractive. How to add Footer images!

Live tutorial on How to work with Texts and Fonts! Introduction to the BEST Fonts to use, style of the fonts, properties and How to Highlight Texts Just Like This sentence.

How to Add Hyperlinks To a Text and Images Just Like This sentence To Open to a another page on your Minisite. Then you'll see Video #1, open it and you will see exactly how to prepare all your website files on your computer so that everything will be organized right from the beginning!

How to program your links to open on the same tab or another window.

This one is so Powerful! Not many gurus know how to do this. Introduction to How to Add Audio and Videos to your Minisite. This works very well with testimonial videos and testimonial audios of your customers.

And much more....



As you can see, I have made these videos so that you can whiz through in easy-to-follow modules in one intense burst.



Using These MiniSite Design Videos Makes It Easy For You To Design

Your First Stunningly Attractive Website In Minutes...


Giving It The Professional Look That Makes It Stand Strong

In Front Of Any Audience To Give Them A Compelling Reason

To Order Any Of Your Products Or Services Online



And To Sweeten This Deal For You, When you

Order for These Videos TODAY, You Will Get These SPECIAL BONUSES:



To sweeten this deal further so you get the BEST DEAL you have ever seen on designing money-pumping Minisites, I would like to OFFER You These Fantastic BONUSES!


SIX of them!


And you get them If You are among the First 20 people who Reserve and Order your Copy of these Minisite Design Videos within the Next 7 days.


Here are the BONUSES Up For Grabs:




Do you know that if your minisite or salespage is looking dull and boring, your sales WILL SUFFER?


You NEED to invoke positive emotions throughout your minisite and sales messages for better response from your potential buyers. And there is no better way to do it but by using highly attention-grabbing graphics that won't be left unnoticed.


Think about it.


Don't you love how attractive this salespage is looking?


If yes, then I will love to hand you a Special Graphic Package containing some of my best graphics and even some of the images on this mini salespage and more.


You will also get a swipe file of various minisite images like Buttons, Bullet images, , hurry up images, Testimonial images, Special bonus images,

Buy Buttons,  features boxes, exclusive images, One Time Offer images, Bullets lists, Arrows,  Graphical Headlines and Much!


This BONUS alone is worth the Price of this Minisite Design Videos alone but you get it for FREE when you order within the next 7 days!


For example, you will get the powerful salespage graphics such as the ones here.


You can use any of these images anytime you want to design your minisites.





Okay, so you have seen the images you get in BONUS 1 here, right?




You will also get a Video Tutorial on How to Edit some of the Images with your own words.


For sample, my ONE TIME DEAL image above was edited by me and you will get a video on how to do the same.





As a BONUS, you will get the following Minisite Special Reports to complement your Minisites Design Videos, such as:


1. How to Register A Domain Name or Website Name For Yourself


2. How to Upload Your Minisite To The Internet


3. How to Get a Webhost Online For Your Website





This is a powerful alternative to the Video Tutorial.


If you are on the move or your prefer reading to watching videos, then you will get my Minisite Design Tutorial Ebook complete with Pictorial demonstrations on how to Design stunningly Attractive minisites as a BONUS.


So that you can study it on your laptops, mobile phones and other devices.


Cool, right?





There is no secret that 'the money is in the list'. The bigger your list = the more money you'll make per month

But what if people don't seem to subscribe to your list? What if your subscriber list growth is very, very slow and you want to SPEED IT UP??

Recently I acquired a SECRET Squeeze Page Package that will help you to get MUCH MORE subscribers from your current efforts.

Instead of wasting hours upon hours to tweak your existing squeeze pages (or build brand new ones). No worries I got you covered.

Let me do all the hard work for you by handing you my secret never-shared-before and done-for-you SQUEEZE page minisite design file.

Whenever I want to craft a powerful converting squeeze page, I just look in there and get ideas to copy, edit and swipe from.

They are all Yours as a BONUS for ordering within the Next 7 days.






Get this package to see what's inside!



So, How Much Do You Think You
Have to Invest to Get These Videos?

Before I tell you that, just imagine this:

You have a killer, hot market idea you know will bring you at least 100 sales within the first 60 days, but you do NOT know how to design an attractive minisite!

Remember, your sales could be affected by the presentation of your website.

So what do you do?

1. You either get someone to design a crappy looking website for you at N65,000 or you do it yourself and LOSE lots of sales...

2. Or, you get these Design Videos and instead of spending months learning how to design a minisite from an ebook, you spend just minutes watching and you are good to go!

Here is Another Scenario

You happen to know someone who needs a 3-paged minisite to advertise one or two products and the client is looking for someone who can put it up in the next 3 days.

But again, you do NOT know how to design simple minisites! So you either...


1. You forget the cool N50,000 the client is ready to pay for the job because of the urgency or


2. You get a friend who can design it at N47,000 but you only make N3,000 as profits when you could have kept the whole N50,000 for yourself.


3. Or, you get these Design Videos and instead of spending months learning how to design a minisite from an ebook, you spend just minutes watching and you are good to grab that offer!



So which of the persons would you

love to be in the two scenarios?


As a smart, wise person I am sure you will be the person who grabs these Minisites Design Videos so you can get a Skill you can use anytime tea to create another source of income for yourself!


If this is YOU, then CONGRATULATIONS because you can get access to these Minisites Design Videos and my SIX BONUSES at the Lowest Price Ever of N6,500 only for now!


Only N6,500 TODAY






Order for these Minisite Design Videos is straightforward and simple. There are just 3 steps to secure your copy and Fantastic BONUSES:


Step 1: Send an SMS with your *Reserve-Minisite-Videos-BONUSES

+ ID: oluvid + Name + GSM No + Email Address + Date You are Paying* to 08039307316

Step 2: Pay N6,500 only into any of the bank accounts Nationwide below or do an online transfer if you operate an internet banking account. into:

Bank #1: GTBank
Account Name: Trillionet Resources
Account Number: 001 141 4820

OR Bank #2: First Bank
Account Name: Trillionet Resources
Account Number: 201 6750 487

Step 3: After payments, do just one simple thing:


Send an EMAIL payment notice to ( with the SUBJECT of your email saying: Paid for (oluvid) Minisite Design Videos and BONUSES


The BODY of the Email should contain the following:



Amount paid:


Your Full Names:



- Email address:
- GSM number:


Bank Name You Paid To:


Depositors Name/Transfer Name:


Date Paid:


Name of Partnership Level:


Teller number/Transfer Name/Ref:


(Do not worry, once you pay and send this notification, you will get a Confirmation Email Notice after confirmation of payments in 24 to 48 hours and the Download Link to these VIDEOS will be sent to you IMMEDIATELY)

NOTE: These videos are in downloadable formats which can be saved in a flash drive or PC. Nothing will be shipped to you.


Remember, that the low N6,500 Offer is ONLY Available for Anyone who orders within 7 days from today.

Are you still reading? Instead of ordering?

Well, you had better make a Decision Fast Enough to Order Before you Lose Your Chance to be among the First 20 people who get my Fantastic BONUSES.

You NO longer have any excuses for not knowing how to design an attractive minisite to sell your products and services...

As well as charge others money to do the same for them!

My Warmest Regards,

Your Friend,
Onome Maureen



PS: I know I should write and convince you again to go and get this Minisite Design Videos in this "Post Script", however, here is what I will say.....the ball is in your court. If you want to start designing Simple, Attractive Minisites that would Wow Your Prospects and Sell your Products, then THIS IS FOR YOU!


P.S.S: If You Desire to be among the First 20 people to grab my Special Swipe Files of my Fantastic BONUSES, then again, THIS IS FOR YOU! So Hurry Up and Grab your Copy TODAY! Tomorrow might be too late!







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