How to Create a Powerful Profit Online Business Plan for 2014

Today being 31st, December 2013 with the New Year (2014) just a few hours away, it’s time to reflect on 2013 and use these 7 lessons I’m sharing with you in today’s article.

In order to make 2014 way better and far profitable than it was in 2013, I’ve some questions you need to ask yourself and WRITE down the answers. Come on now, take a pen and a sheet of paper and answer these right away:

1.  Did you come ANYWHERE close to hitting your goals in 2013?

I guess you wrote New Year resolutions for 2013 or at least there was something, some goals you were looking forward to hitting in 2013. Did you reach your goals?

If you DID, congratulations.

How can you BUILD on those things in 2014?

If you DIDN’T, how did you get off track?

What can keep you ON track?

Write down your answers

2. How much PLANNING did you put into 2013? 

Did you REALLY plan it out?  Or did you go into it with a hastily done, vague idea of what you wanted to accomplish?  Then feel disappointed at the end of the year when that didn’t magically materialize?

3.  What WORKED in your finances in 2013? 

What things did you do in 2013 that got at least SOME income results?  Maybe a LOT of results? You should focus on WORKING, GROWING and EXPANDING on those things in 2014. Write them down.

4.  How did you just flat out WASTE time in 2013? 

Why were those things a bust? Now, the answer you give here should be considered.

For example, if someone told me, “I wasted money buying such and such a product,” my answer would be, “You wasted time trying to use such product in a certain WAY without adequate information”.

Buying a product that would bring you money is an asset, not a waste when done RIGHT.

5.  Did you PLAN your work and WORK your plan?

Or did you chase bright and shiny objects? It’s time for a bit of self-honesty. Did you have a plan to increase your income and work it?  Or did you just chase whatever sounded good or convincing in your email?

6.  Did you build your list or have a product to sell online?

If you didn’t, why not? If you did build a list, did you try EVERY MONTH? If you did, how profitable was it?  Did you put the RIGHT PEOPLE on your list (that is, buyers….)?  Or did you fill your list with non-buyers who only wanted a freebie and didn’t see real value in your offers?

Did you have a product to sell online or someone’s product (with permission – affiliate products)?

How many products did you sell? You DON’T make money without selling a product or a service.

7. What money skills did you acquire in 2013?

(a) Did you learn how to design a website, write a sales letter, build a list, write a book and turn it into an ebook, use facebook to expand your business etc?

The more money skills you have and USE, the more money you will make.

If you didn’t, what steps do you need to take to DO these? What new money skills do you want to acquire in 2014? By the time you are done answering these questions, you will have an outline of a profitable plan to make more money in the New Year than you did in 2013.

(b) Did you have a mentor, someone who is doing better in your dream income desire whom you can run to at anytime to ask questions?

By run to, I don’t mean visit the person’s house or office but at least a way to reach the mentor with intelligent questions that would make you better make money?

If no, what steps would you take in 2014 to develop such a relationship with a mentor?

Here are some FACTS about me (which you should copy):

Fact is…

- I grow and build my business ALL THE TIME
- I’m serious and committed to it…even through the hard work and tough times
- I don’t complain and give excuses
- I don’t look for the overnight “magic pill” or “make a million overnight” stuff.
- I would keep buying products in 2014 that would develop my skills in order for me to build and keep expanding my solid internet business empire.

Most importantly, I know that I’m the ONLY one responsible, for either success or failure.

How about you?

When I hear complains and excuses from people, sometimes I want to shout…HEY!

“No one is responsible for your own success but yourself, stop looking for people to blame.”

That you tried and failed, or you were scammed online is NOT the end of the world and NOT enough to make you develop a negative mentality towards your internet business dream. Keep pushing, keep pressing, don’t give up, and don’t give in.

I only got to where I’m by recognizing the above.

It took me awhile. We’re all human.
Start afresh for 2014.

Take your future seriously, and in your own hands.

The fact is – if you’re even reading this article, you HAVE all the ability to become successful online…you just need to…

- Be responsible
- Have the courage to LEARN and WORK
- STOP looking for and giving excuses
- And take the right action

A REAL business is not built overnight.

It’s by having the right mindset, training, tools and what everyone hates – learning and taking action.

That’s all I want to say for now.
Hope you’ll heed my advice for 2014.

This is how to create a powerful profit online business plan for 2014
It’s NEVER too early or late.

Happy New Year in advance!

Onome Maureen


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19 Responses to “How to Create a Powerful Profit Online Business Plan for 2014”

  1. I hope this will change and turn my life around

  2. DENKI JOHN FOLUSHO Reply December 31, 2013 at 8:17 am

    Thanks Ma , for you made me realised that all hope is not lost , even though I met some dissapointment with so call internet marketer who collect my money in exchange for the product that earn me nothing , other effort I put in that did ‘ nt yield , just as have said I will not give up , I pray and I believe that 2014 will be different .

  3. Great article and very inspiring. Online business is good, but you still need to spend money before you start making good money online, especially building your list, doing adverts.Getting capital to run good advert that can give you that list that will make you good money is the challenge(not problem) i see here.

    Is there anyway to overcome that challenge for we those of us that may not have the money.

    Honestly i want to be into this online stuff for real.


  4. Hi Onome, it wholesome going thru ds e-learning. l lv to b part of ds 50 especially dat of N7,500. bt l’m facing financial challenges now nd if u can do me a favour reserve a space for me @ ur discretion till March 2014 by den l should hav gotten ds token fee.

  5. Thanks a lot Mrs Maureen. I truly appreciate.
    Happy new year in advance. God bless you

  6. Atanda Solomon Olakunle Reply December 31, 2013 at 10:44 am

    “You remain unknown until you know!”
    – Dr Sagacity

    The article is well explanatory, at least for the wise. I’m wise-up by a particular issue in the write-up ( I reserved my comment!).

    2014……here I come… by God’s Grace!

    Thank you Madam Onome Maureen for the profitable expositions. HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance. Stay blessed!

  7. online biz is very good provided you have a good list to go with. i know i will make better sales next year as i’m following our coach every step of the way and its been paying off.

  8. Thanks ma
    It’s funny when people use excuses to cover up blames.see u next yr.

  9. Thank you for the mail. 2013 was a learning phase for me as it was the first time i got two websites; one is about (clickbank reviews Blog) while the other is an information marketing site-
    Well, as you will realize that it takes marketing to be able to get traffics through paid adverts but it is not a small issue especially for the newbie like me.
    Thank God that i saw your ads and i have paid to join the Pearl Partnership believing a turn- around this time.
    Looking forwards to getting vital ingredients from yours.
    Thank you.

  10. Your questions really inspire me,it true that is good to set goal ahead of anything one need to do to archieve objective at the end of all tarject. I thank u. Through i made mistake to enter other internet, but is not my plan and i did hv plan for that

  11. Thanks madam Onome. I sincerely appreciate ur tutorials
    and will want u to be my mentor. Best wishes and safe delivery
    in the new year.

  12. to be candid, i didn’t achieve any in 2013? i spent a lot of time buying e-books and all sorts….and decided not to spend anymore
    however, you have succeeded in charging my batteries.
    really looking foward to you been my Mentor in 2014.

  13. thanks 4ur inspiretional speech pls ma i will like to go into online biz bt dnt knw hw to do dat and also i wanna knw how much capital can get me goin

  14. The business message is highly motivating. Your step by step lecture is encouraging. Tnx in millions.
    May God continue to order your foot steps this yr and yrs to com IJN.

  15. Ma. I Learned a lot, especially the done for you programme.It is a complete business plan,.Which people like you and Ewechia have mastered. It takes hardwork and money to build a list and keep it. Even when someone had built a big List couple with the challenges of unsubscription. you have said all 2014 needs action, perseverance, right step at a time and prayer.

  16. God bless u ma.

  17. ma i thank you for effort to turn the life of nigerian around and trying to impact in their life, i just pray i have the previlege to be part your list .

  18. i love this article a lot

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