How to Make Money Online in Nigeria with the Information Marketing Business!



You made it.

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Onome Maureen
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60 Responses to “How to Make Money Online in Nigeria with the Information Marketing Business!”

  1. Thank you for your concern over the urgly situation of many nigerians especially a person like me,may God keep on blessing you more and more in the powerful name of Jesus Christ Amen.Pls i want you to organise a seminar here in Aba Abia state i beg u

  2. I’m looking forward to the lessons and the seminar.


  3. I like to know more about this business, I’ll be looking forward to receive your daily training.

  4. okay

  5. oluwafemi ogunbode Reply July 23, 2013 at 11:03 am

    is this free, i don’t like a situation when i will be there and they will be asking for money. i know there is nothing free here in nigeria

  6. Wow! a very important topic which i’m delighted to be a part of. i’m lookin forward to d 10th n 11th God sparing our lives. thank you for being an element of change. God bless you

  7. Onome you are doing a very commendable work,and i applaud all your efforts.May the Lord God bless you abundantly.I am a minister of the Gospel,with a young church located in Lagos.I have heard so much about you and the work you are doing,though i never believed in all this hype on Internet Business,but you sounded so convincing and confident that i am willing to give it a try.I hope i will turn out a success story like the others.

    Thank You

    • @Paul. Thank you sir! Yes, it will turn out for your good, NO doubts about that! Pls check your email address for the bootcamp details

  8. for some years now I have been searching online for an opportunity like this. I am really interested in this. than k u in advance for your help. success

  9. Thks a billion times for wanting to share your success secrets with us. I’m captivated and impressed.God bless you.I’m interested in the 2 day workshop at the Lagos venue. Pls what will be the cost and the program overview?. Also do we come here daily for the MOD newsletters?. If so will you kindly send us links to our pry email address with you to notify us? Thks. Fadiwo.

  10. Thanks for the information, I leave in Warri and will want to attend the seminal, what are the requirement, and when is the seminal stating on the 10th August 2013?

  11. thank you for this info. but pls how can we pple from portharcourt be a partaker from this your bussines summit.

  12. madam, i most recommend u 4 sharing ur secrets of making cash online. This is my first time i found a story abt making money online so conviencd. I wil do my best to attend d lagos seminer my mentor i believe u are already, Thanks.


  14. i think is a very lucrative way of getting a balanced financial security…. i’m really interested in this one… may God give you the grace to deliver…..

  15. Thks for your detailed explanation. I went through your works but have not been able to view any activity in the current year. Are you slowing down on your own income making or you have made so much that taking stocks has become a problem?
    I am just curious.
    Will appreciate knowing what you are doing right now and those who have connected in the past 2 months.
    warm regards

  16. Thank you very much for this opportunity to meeting you at Warri but there is a question I want to ask. The #15,000 we are paying, is it the seminar fee or is it the money that will set up our money making websites for us. Do we pay extra money to get our websites set up for us. Pls I need to very clear because I first read from you that the seminar is free and now you are talking about #15,000 again. Thank you.

    • @Ayiba. The N15,000 is for the Seminar training only, showing you what the business is all about and HOW to set it up. Of course you will need to invest money to set it up yourself, but if you want us to set it up for you, we can also, just send me an email on this and I’ll direct you on what to do

  17. i think its ok but i hope you are sincere for the love of God. but anyway there is no harm in trial

  18. Good day Madam, thanks so much for this. I just want to ask this, what will be the min. cost in having ones own website. and if you want to do it for me what will be the cost. thanks.
    I live in lagos and I am interested in the training.

  19. Hi Maureen. I told you I just put to bed so I can’t make it to any of the camps but I would like to get a copy of the CD and a copy of the possible. is this?

  20. Good day Onome
    I Would sincerly have loved to attend your two day seminars in either warri or lagos states but they are just soo far away( and you have to think of transportation and accomodation and possibly abcence from work). Do you have any arrangements to have such seminars in d north,say abuja in the nearest future?

    • Yes, we already have the DVD Video Recording and BONUSES for anyone who can’t attend. Just check your email address for details about it

  21. This is wonderful infact it worths million of naira. I would love to attend d seminar.

  22. The seminar e-mail series are quite explanatory. If u say Information Products what exactly do you imply? Do you mean it doesn’t have to be a physical product? Can i develop and info product about health, sports..etc Throw more light on this please.

    Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge!

    • Yes, the information products do NOT need to be physical products. Instead as ebooks i.e. electronic books sent to customers via email. Stick to the training for more

  23. Hi Onome
    I just join your Affiliate network this September and would like to get passed seminar material or went will the next one take place

    • You can get the 3 solid DVDs recording of the Seminar at N30,000. Check your email address to see full details on how to order.

  24. hi Onome, well, i will say am priviledged to come across u on d internet i must say and i hope this is an oppurtunity of
    a life time.
    in actually fact am new to online business dough have heard so much hype about it. i wouldn’t mind taking lessons from you, i would appreciate if you could be of assistance, looking forward to your reply.

    babatunde habeeb

  25. Please how can I start making income here and how do I join this online affliation to make money

  26. Dear Maureen,
    You kind gesture “the done for you””is highly appreciated
    Pls one of your affiliate member introduced the done for you affiliate package to me, but I want to ask is there anything to learn, and also will the 3 categories be collecting the sane commission?
    Sola Taiwo.

    • Yes, there is a 3 month training you get for joining the affiliate business. But right from month #1, you start making money from it IF you follow month 1 training. Yes, all 3 categories collect the same commission because its the same product you are all selling BUT its better to go for the Professional website package i.e either Pearl or Platinum

  27. Am reli interested, but i wunt be able 2 make it to lagos. Plssss ma, can you be able to hold a seminer here in kaduna. I and my friends are interested in what you have to offer. Thanks ma. Happy new year!

  28. welldone ma,am understand you very well,but now may be by next month,i will order for my new laptop,because i dont want to go to cafe,stay bless ma ,gudnight.

  29. Hi, Onome. Great job you are doing! I know a lot about internet marketing but my focus has been Clickbank and CPA networks that target mostly U.S. and U.K. audience. The results has not been too good. I used to biased to online marketing targeted towards Nigerians because to me, since Nigeria is not a credit card based economy buying stuff online may not be easy with Nigerians. But your results blow me away! Now, for someone that is not a newbie to setting up a blog, SEO, facebook ads, e.t.c. would you still advice to come for the seminar or do you have advanced pack that cuts out all the nitty gritty stuff?

    • We don’t teach foreign business only Nigerian Internet Business. It IS from the Nigerian Business, I made my Millions online. Why going to Sokoto when what you want is inside your shokoto? Come to my 3-day seminar and you will be on your way to building a Multi-millionaire Internet Business

  30. thank you so much,i have never beeng this convinced before,God will continue to bless you for the good work that you are dong.pls will it be possible to hold such event down to the east here(Enugu)Or near by.thanks

    • Thank you. No, we are only going to Lagos, but you can order both the 2013 and 2014 DVD Videos of the Internet Business 3-day seminar for the price of ONE. See your email on how to order.

  31. Hello Ma, i appreciate you for sharing and i must say this is very educative and interesting. i’m willing to learn and fingers crossed as per the upcoming boot-camp

  32. DENKI JOHN FOLUSHO Reply March 20, 2014 at 12:34 pm

    Kudos to you for the nice job are doing , give hope the thousand of the hopeless youths in this country . Well I was in one your seminar held at Lagos around August / Sept. last year , after training until now I still find it difficul to get started , I will be glad if their is any way you could assist me to get started . May be there is something to do first I fail to do . I must say that your mail has always being a source motivation any time I read them . Thanks .

  33. I’ve tried a lot this stuff you are talking about with little or no result. I’m afraid if this will workout as you said, if so is there any guarantee?

    • Yes, my 3-day Internet Business Training is “GUARANTEED” to work! How do I know? I have been doing it solidly, month after month for 6years. If it didn’t work I would have been out there looking for a job or working a job! So attend my 3 days training, okay?

  34. May almighty God bless you and give you more wisdom to be able to do more research that will benefit Nigerians. I know that God is going to reward you.
    Thank you.

  35. I am coming to you for the first time and would like to open correspondence with you and with the aim of knowing more all the good proposals you have in these lessons. There are many of this kind out which many times had proven false so I will like to know how truthful this one is.

  36. Thanks so much for your information. I really enjoy all your free trainings from day one from my email ma. I must confess ma you are an angel who will save me from lack of genue information on online business.
    pls. I want to know the venue of the upcoming seminar in Lagos because I will be there by God’s grace. thanks a lot and may God honour you more abundantly ma.

  37. pls ma for all the ppl that will come for the progarm is it the same product that all of them will be maketing?

  38. Tank a lot ma, can you sent me an ebook,DVD,CD or any video or writen note on how i can start the online marketing bisness, to my understanding without stress, true post office or courier or to my email address {ebook}UCHENA10@GMAIL.COM,08154188026? I stay in calabar, an will not be able to attend due to accomodation, distance, an security. Please ma, send it to me through the above option. Price for it? Tank

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