Recap of Onome Maureen’s 3-Day Information and Online Business Bootcamp!

The 3-Day Internet and Information Money-Making Bootcamp took place during the 2014 Easter Holiday at Ikeja, Lagos and it was wildly successful.  It held for 3 SOLID days where I shared and revealed the SECRETS of building a N1 Million Naira Per Month Internet Based Business with simple information products.

The Bootcamp was limited to 30 people and was completely Sold-Out but we had to squeeze in 5 more people who pleaded to attend. I restricted it to 30-people because I wanted a hands-on, practical session with a personal touch with each participant.

And that’s what we had.

It was an unconventional beginning to an unconventional event with SIX sessions with each session being 2 hours 30 minutes for a total of 15 hours of action-packed, money-making LIVE practical training.

It was attended by over 34 smart Nigerians from all over the country. Participants came all the way from Yola, Abuja , Port Harcourt, Awka, Benin city, Lekki, Ikorodu, Ibadan etc who are now on their way to banking a 6-figure income within their first 90 days of starting their online business working from the comforts of home!

Here are some of the highlights of the day:

Okay, here’s a picture of me (Onome Maureen – One of the most Intelligent Smart Online Business Female coaches in Nigeria)

Onome Maureen LIVE at a 3-Day Internet Business Make Money Seminar

One thing participants kept mentioning over and over and over again about the 3-day event was the LIVE PRACTICAL aspect of the bootcamp. I made sure to dish out the strategies and steps anybody, anywhere can start from the scratch using a start up capital of N50,000 to bank his or her First N150,000 online.

As you can see, here’s a picture of me solving a participants internet business software installation problem, as other participants “themselves” began to install the softwares that will help them work once a week, automate their online business so they enjoy the rest of the week while the money keeps flowing to their bank accounts like hurricane Katrina…

Did you notice the Camera man in the picture above?

Well, due to popular request from people who desired to attend the IM Bootcmap but couldn’t due to their Easter engagements, I had to get the services of the camera team owned by Success Digest Extra newspaper (SADC) to video the entire event!

At the moment, we have over 25 people who already ordered for the DVD Videos, who in addition are getting the DVD Video recording of the 2013 Edition of the same seminar as a BONUS. I call it The Internet Business LIVE 3-Day Home Study Course. 

It contains the Video recording of EVERYTHING (the secrets, tips, techniques and systems) I shared on “How to Build a N1 Million Naira Per Month Internet Based Business with simple information products from the scratch starting with N50,000 seed capital”

“Did you just say with N50,000 capital?” I can hear someone ask. Yes!

I show you exactly what to do, the strategies I personally took scale up my internet income from N50,000 seed capital to profits of N100,000 monthly, to N150,000 per month to N250,000 per month, to N550,000 per month until you build it to N1 Million Naira per month.

Making at least N500,000 per month is NOT accidental or luck. There are definite steps you need to take and I revealed all at the 3-day seminar and in the Video DVDs.

The LIVE seminar was mind-blowing to say the least.

I’m not having another Internet marketing money-making seminar this year and I’m not sure of having another one next year. So I suggest that you grab a copy of the 2014 and 2013 Home Study Course immediately. If interested, simply send me an SMS with “Your Name + HomeStudy-AFF-DVDs + email + location + your GSM number” to me directly on 08039307316. 

And I will furnish you with the details on how to grab yours at a cool discount.

The Home Study IM DVD Videos is FOR YOU if you are TIRED of being told how to make your business work online but NOT being SHOWN how to make it work, worst still especially if you’re being told by “Wannabe Gurus”.

It is also FOR YOU if you are an Internet newbie but very, very serious about building a profitable business online. This is a golden opportunity to be provided with a true shortcut and roadmap from someone who actually walks the talk.

Let’s continue with the highlights…

Then it was time for a delicious lunch from Prestigious meals – a selection of hot Ofada rice, Ofada assorted beef stew, Fried plantain, Jollof rice, Fried rice, cake and chilled water.  Each lunch break was a nice combination of tasty food and networking.

In one of the money-making sessions at the Bootcamp, attendees were grouped together to brainstorm on how to build a N250,000 information products business from the scratch using the internet. And the picture above is one of such groups.

You can see that these young men and women are serious about seizing their financial future. What about you?

I won’t dwell much anymore on the LIVE Practical, hands-on training attendees had for those 3 life-changing days, I’d just let the picture showing attendees working on their laptops do the talking…

Of course, every tiny detail (practicals, discussions, teaching, group work etc) of the bootcamp were captured on Video, including the questions asked by the attendees so its having you’re the Home Study Video course of the event is just like you were physically present at the 3-day event.

Plus you didn’t have to travel from your city or spend extra in hotel bills when you grab a copy. Find below the group photo of Set 1 and Set 2 attendees:

Set 1 Photograph with Onome Maureen


 Set 2 Photograph with Onome Maureen

And guess what!

Attending the seminar came with a Money Back Guarantee that stated “Attend my Internet and Information Online Business Workshop and if you are not 150% satisfied with what I’m teaching you…If you don’t believe you can get 10, 20 even 50 times your investment back (or more) in almost effortless earnings… If the information is not dead-simple and… If you don’t think this is the BIGGEST bargain in money making…

Just let me know at the end of Day 1 and I will refund the money you paid and offer my unreserved apology for wasting your time. Not only that, I will ask you to KEEP the Bonuses for wasting your time.”

NO ONE requested to have their monies back, instead attendees were busy thanking me and wishing they had met me 5 years ago, 3 years ago when they started their online business ventures.

This event wouldn’t have been this wildly successful without the help and assistance of my dearest friend, partner and my no. 1 fan – my husband (who was physically present all though the 3 days), I say a big “thank you”.

My special thanks goes to Dele, Ejiro, Ope, Titi and Ridwan for your wonderful help and fun environment.

It’s been a Super 2014 Edition of The “Information and Internet Marketing LIVE Money-Making 3- Day Bootcamp” –  A Comprehensive 3 Days Event Like No Other!

Don’t wait and kick yourself for missing this One-Time, Once-A-Year Event. You can access the Home Study Course DVD Videos of the event or book a 4-Day One-on-One coaching with me at N180,000 with your accommodation taken care of.

To grab your copy of The Home Study Course DVDs of the Information and Internet Marketing Business Money-Making Bootcamp again, simply send me an SMS with “Your Name + HomeStudy-AFF-DVDs + email + location + your GSM number” to me directly on 08039307316.

And I will furnish you with the details on how to grab yours at a cool discount.

Thanks for reading but before I go, kindly share your thoughts on the recap of the IM bootcamp event….and ask your questions if you have by using the comments box below.

Talk to you there.

Onome Maureen
Nigeria’s No. 1 Female Internet and Smart Business Coach

Calls Only from 9am – 4pm Mondays – Fridays on 08039307316
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